Westboro Beach

Information on and Plans For Our Beach

Brief History

It was around 2004-2005, when there were rumours that the NCC land between the residential community and the Ottawa River Parkway, now called the SJAM parkway, would be sold to a developer for housing.

Of great concern to the Westboro Beach community was the lost of green space and all the benefits that green spaces bring. In the age of climate change and the increasing urbanization of the city, there is an urgent need to preserve green spaces. The Westboro Community Association mobilized and got to work consulting with the NCC, the City of Ottawa, environmental specialists and local residents.

A number of projects are underway to protect and maintain this vital green space:

· Beach tunnel mural: Carrie Johnson, carriejohnson@rogers.com

· “Poet’s walk”: Meredith Rodger, merodger@ncf.ca

· Summer and winter pathway, Selby to IPD: Peter Edmison, peter@edmison.net

· Pollinator friendly garden, Selby Plains: Nancy Mooney, nancy@petersnewjobs.com

· Bee hives: Pam Cain, pamcain@rogers.com

· Historical remains: Bob Grainger, RNG276@ncf.ca

· Other areas and questions: Mari Wellman, wellmanemail@sympatico.ca; Elliot Rodger, merodger@ncf.ca

For more details you can view the following information and planning documents: