Van Lang Field House

Do you know that we have a neighbourhood field house? Check out this very active space on Facebook! Westboro/Van Lang Community

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Selby Plain Pollinator Garden

Many thanks to @OttawaFieldNat or Fletcher Gardens for their contribution of plants to the pollinator garden on the Selby Plains. The Westboro Beach Community Association is keen to be a place for the birds and the bees as well!

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Interested in planting your own pollinator garden?

Consider adding these plants to your garden:

Primrose, lavender, mikweed, yarrow, goldenrod, cone flowers, wild bergamot

A huge thank you to our friends at Gabriel Pizza for their generous donation of 14 individually prepared pizzas for homeless individuals and families living at the Richmond Plaza motel. The gift is part of Gabriel Pizzas commitment to donate more than 5000 meals to not for profit organizations on the front lines during the pandemic.

Delivering pizza to those in need.

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Twenty six children that attend the After the Bell program or the Van Lang Community Meal were given brand new book packages today as part of the Twice Upon A Time COVID-19 project. Barb Clubb of Twice upon a Time and Liza-Marie Barthelemy of the Carlington Community Health Centre met in front of the field house to present the books before delivery.

Pandemic Meal Delivery

Meals are delivered weekly to the Richmond Plaza Motel and our neighbours who attend the Westboro Community Kitchen and Dinner in Van Lang. A special thank you to the Food for Thought Net café and Joe Thottungall of the Thali Kitchen and Coconut Lagoon for preparing these meals. As our Van Lang field house kitchen is closed, we are working together with the Carlington Community Health Centre to deliver about 30 meals to individuals and families without cooking facilities or who need a good meal as they have health or mobility issues. Anyone wanting to donate to help to continue this program should contact the Ottawa Community Foundation