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Bat Conservation

WBCA is launching a new initiative to support our community’s bats! In the spring of 2016, we will install three bat boxes in our community. The boxes, as shown in the photo on the right, are designed according to Bat Conservation International's strict guidelines. We are currently considering suitable locations, but they will probably be located in the Atlantis Woods/Selby Plains area and near Westboro Beach (subject to NCC approval). Once the boxes are installed their locations will be made known here.

Bats have lost much of their habitat to urban development and bat boxes give them alternate places to roost and raise their young. These boxes will provide homes to a variety of bat species in the neighbourhood, most likely Little Brown Bats and Big Brown Bats. WBCA's bat boxes will help to give bats a safe haven.

The only mammals capable of true flight, bats are an important ally to people. They are essential to healthy ecosystems by pollinating plants, dispersing fruit seeds, and consuming large numbers of mosquitoes and other insect pests. But bat populations are facing enormous threats across Canada. Some populations have declined by over 90%, and three bat species have recently been listed as "Endangered" in Canada.

The bat boxes will be monitored by a group of community members known informally as the "Bat Brigade". Their observations will be entered into a national bat database thereby contributing to bat knowledge nationally. Their observations will also periodically be added to this section of the WBCA website for the information of interested Westboro Beach residents. WBCA is grateful to Nature Canada for the donation of the bat boxes.

For more information on bats visit Bat Conservation International