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Chalk River Radioactive Megadump proposal

posted Aug 11, 2017, 3:37 AM by Westboro Beach Community Association   [ updated Aug 11, 2017, 3:45 AM ]
The City of Ottawa and Ottawa Public health have just submitted comments to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission in support of the radioactive megadump at Chalk River. 

The City of Ottawa, through Environment Committee Chair David Chernushenko has been provided with abundant evidence that the proposed Chalk river dump is ill-conceived, does not meet international standards and would contaminate the Ottawa River with long lived radionuclides for millennia. No country anywhere else in the world would consider piling one million cubic metres of long-lived radioactive wastes in a giant mound beside a river that provides drinking water for millions of its citizens. 

Staff at the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Public Health are doing a poor job protecting Ottawans. Rather than emphasizing the need to ensure that Ottawa residents are protected from unacceptable radiation exposures, they call for "improvements... to better notify residents and activate emergency response plans as needed." In essence, provided that officials are informed when spills occur, the City of Ottawa is on record as supporting a radioactive waste facility of a type and in a location that can create unacceptable radiological consequences for Ottawa residents.
All of the previous comments on the registry of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency are negative, including those of very well informed retired scientists who used to be in charge of safety, licensing and radioactive waste management at Atomic Energy of Canada Limited. (See the recent Globe and Mail article “Scientists Decry Plan for Ontario Nuclear Waste Site” )

For example, a former director of Safety Engineering and Licensing at AECL states in his submission : “The proposed project does not meet Canadian and international guidance and would require members of the public to be subject to unacceptable radiological risks into the far future”. In addition he notes that 500 years after closure of the dump, “the facility will fail and the radionuclide inventory will be released into the environment….the predicted doses exceed the public dose limit specified in Canadian Regulations for more than 100,000 years.”

Ottawa needs to quickly get its staff up to speed, take note of the groundswell of opposition to this dangerous plan by multinational consortium Canadian National Energy Alliance, and do something useful to stop it. Montreal and other municipalities are leading the way. Ottawa needs to join in!

Call for action to FB friends – call or email the Mayor of Ottawa and Ottawa’s Medical Officer of Health to ask them to retract their ridiculous comments and do a better job representing and protecting citizens.

Mayor Jim Watson: 580-2496

Medical Officer of Health Dr. Isra Levy: 613-580-6744 X 23681 
Read City of Ottawa and Ottawa Public Health comments here:

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