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Westboro Central

A Vision Statement for the Development of Two Exceptional Properties in Westboro Beach Community

Executive Summary

The long-established, stable and relatively healthy community of Westboro Beach will be dramatically impacted by the re-development of two exceptional properties in the core of the community if and when they come up for sale.  WBCA refers to these properties together as Westboro Central due to their centrality to the future of the community and the surrounding area.

 The properties are:

1. the 3 hectare (7.4 acres) site of the former CBC television studios and the adjacent Graham Spry Building on Lanark and adjacent to the Westboro Transitway Station.  This property is referred to as “250 Lanark”.

2. the current 5.75 hectare (14 acres) site of the Centre Jules-Leger across Lanark Avenue at 281 Lanark and adjacent to the Sir John A. MacDonald Parkway and the Ottawa River.  This property is referred to as the “Jules-Leger” site.

The re-development of these properties presents an excellent opportunity to serve as a model of urban design, of the associated development process, thereby effectively demonstrating the principles and guidelines of Ottawa’s Official Plan.  Based on blending economic, social and environmental goals, the resultant development(s) can realize multiple benefits for the local community, for Ottawa, and for developers in ways which are not typical of many developments.  This Vision Statement proposes a development process that is anticipatory, proactive, collaborative, balanced, and transparent.  The Statement provides the site context, outlines the elements of the Vision, and makes recommendations to achieve the Vision.  It concludes with a call for cooperative action. 

WBCA’s Vision calls for the planning and development of the properties to be based on:

1. the Design Objectives (Section 2.5 “Building Liveable Communities”) and Design Framework (Annex 3) of the Official Plan, notably with respect to promoting community health through sustainability and compatibility; mixed residential, community and other uses; emphasis on non-vehicular transportation and effective traffic management planning; and appropriate integration and transitions into the existing community fabric.

2. pre-identification and recognition of design and development guidelines and conditions rather than reaction to developer requests for re-zoning and site plan adjustments.

3.  timely and effective collaboration among the key stakeholders including the community association and community members.

The time to advance this Vision is now. 

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Westboro Beach Community Association,
Oct 3, 2016, 3:41 AM