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WBCA Presentation at Kitchissippi Forum - April 18, 2015

posted Apr 25, 2015, 3:38 AM by Westboro Beach Community Association   [ updated Oct 2, 2016, 6:11 AM ]


Like other community associations, WBCA has many on-going issues - some affecting the entire community, others being more site specific. Many of them, particularly the larger ones are inter-related. Not resolving one aggravates or prolongs other issues while resolving one issue can help to alleviate other issues. The resolution of many issues depends on collaborative action between WBCA and the City.

250 Lanark (Westboro Central)

This is the issue with the largest permanent impact on our community. This major high impact, high density mixed use development in the heart of our community is waiting in the wings to emerge at anytime. WBCA's goal is to address it in the earliest stages of conceptualization. We are relying on our Councillor and City staff to support this goal.

This issue has been quiet (to our knowledge) in absence of a known decision by PWGSC to dispose of the property. Notwithstanding that, WBCA maintains its preliminary vision statement for this development referred to as "Westboro Central". The vision statement is available on WBCA’s website. This vision statement is subject to formal and timely consultations with the WB community in collaboration with the City before any decisions are made on the zoning and development of the property.

Yesterday (April 10, 2015) we were dismayed to see that subsurface drill testing on this property was underway. This was on the portion to the east of the Graham Spry Building but small marker flags have been placed on the vacant portion to the west presumably related to the same purpose. The drilling operator didn't know why the drilling was being done but he said it is often done when a property is to be sold.

There appears to be a need to expedite the next step in collaboration between the City and WBCA in anticipation of this development. The City has WBCA’s vision statement and is well aware of it.


There is continuing strong concern about the on-going traffic invasion in our community particularly on Lanark currently with cut through traffic. The development of 250 Lanark, a 10 acre high density mixed use development will aggravate the traffic and parking invasion by both new residents and visitors associated with the new development. Lanark Avenue is WBCA's highest priority for the Safe Streets Working Group Initiative.

The WBCA proposes to the City that when undertaking upcoming works to support the LRT along the current route to Dominion Station that the work embed vehicular access and egress to/from Scott Street to the property in advance of the sale and development of 250 Lanark. This would support the essential prohibition of access/egress onto Lanark Avenue in the new development.


Our community has an almost complete lack of recreation facilities for its burgeoning youth population. We are experiencing a baby and youth boom. The 30 year old Mahoney Park, a children’s park on Lanark, is long overdue for a make-over which was promised, planned and budgeted by the City 4 years ago. Structures are getting dangerous.

The WBCA Environmental Lecture Series. The first lecture evening of April 28 will focus on birds, trees and WBCA’s conceptual vision statement for Westboro Beach Lands Park. Our featured speaker will be the well respected Ottawa birder Bruce Di Labio. The evening will take place on Tuesday, April 28 at 7:00-9:00 pm at the Churchill Seniors Center, 345 Richmond Road. Bruce will talk on the Lac Deschenes Important Bird Area adjacent to our community, how climate change is affecting 260 species of birds in Ottawa, how we can help our feathered friends. All are welcome. No admission but donations to WBCA would be very welcome. This will lead up to WBCA's third annual spring bird walk led by two WB resident birders in May.

The following event in WBCA Environmental lecture series will focus on climate change impacts globally and locally and take place in September.

An emerging issue and concern is noise and nuisance issues associated with entertainment now taking place at Westboro Beach in the summer. This is due to the pavilion at the beach becoming a destination venue for public outdoor music events and is of much concern to community members in the surrounding residential neighbourhood.

Continuing with our greening efforts we are encouraging people to plant a tree or shrubs in their garden and we are having our annual tree sale, bare root shrubs for $10. (Order forms were passed out).

We are greening a neglected City of Ottawa property which will be transformed into a Green Gateway into the Westboro Beach community. We are off to a good start with the donation by Tomlinson Construction of 3 boulders worth $6000. Residents will be donating shrubs and plants and the City a tree or two and we are hoping for a bench through the Older Adult Program.

Thanks to the efforts of our City Councillor the field house has resumed construction and now we look forward to its completion sometime this fall.

WBCA is developing a concept proposal for Westboro Beach Lands park for submission to the NCC regarding the re-development planning for the Sir John A. McDonald linear park.