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Committee of Adjustment Hearing – 371 Lanark Ave.

posted Feb 16, 2015, 2:05 PM by Westboro Beach Community Association   [ updated Mar 13, 2016, 7:36 PM ]
When a developer wants variances e.g. a smaller front or rear yard, or higher than allowed new building, they must apply to the Committee of Adjustment for approval. Last year, developer Sima Abdollahpour requested several variances to allow her to build a massive new house where there was once a cottage. Quite strangely, the Committee approved all requests, including one that allowed for a height of 9.22 metres when the bylaw allowed for 8 metres. The developer began construction and intentionally built the house even higher. Although she denied doing so, after urging from the community, the City eventually called her on this and she had to request a variance approval. This was done at the Committee of Adjustment hearing of Feb. 4, 2015. The result is that she has now been granted the additional height. However the dissenting members of the board went on record to state that the developer willfully exceeded the approved building envelope, showing disregard for process and for the rules and restrictions in place. Even so, the developer does not face any consequences for such violation of the by-laws and the rulings of the Committee of Adjustment. The City of Ottawa very rarely provides any support to communities fighting to protect existing by-laws. That, again, was the case here.